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Video Description

In this episode on Titrations, James discusses the following content:

  • Complete the titration key practical.
  • Identify the reacting volumes of solutions of a strong acid and a strong alkali by titration.
  • (HT only): calculate the concentration of one of the solutions in mol/dm³ and g/dm³ from the reacting volumes and the known concentration of the other solution.

Make sure you download the notes and try any included practice questions!


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James Boyce

James has a Masters in Pharmacy from the University of Reading. He went on to combine his passion for education with his strong scientific background, qualifying as a teacher in 2014. He currently teaches GCSE and A-level chemistry at a secondary school in Berkshire.

Outside of teaching James writes his own music, and penned the title track for Positive Charge.

Monitoring Chemical Reactions (OCR A)